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Material, Vertical Platform and Stairway Lifts in Denver, Colorado


Savaria M-1504 Material Lift

  • The perfect solution for moving small cargo up and down levels
  • Oriented toward business use such as dining establishments, retail outlets, wholesale, and many manufacturing facilities
  • Moves cargo loads up to 1,000 pounds
  • Will meet code for B20 and A17.1
  • Can be configured to move up to 28 feet with as many as 4 stops
  • Designed to be tough, using 60 inch 5WL stainless steel guards & diamond plate aluminum doors
  • Perfect for use inside a shaft way
  • Can be ordered with a variety of platform sizes
  • This is a lift designed for freight only, and runs on hydraulics
  • We've never seen a better solution for moving freight
A Aluminum Metal Lift - Material Lifts in Denver, CO

Vertical Platform Lifts

Whether you are in need of an outdoor or indoor, residential or commercial vertical lift, we have an excellent solution for you. Offering models by two American manufacturers, Savaria and Harmar, allows us to provide versatile products at the best of prices. Our prices compete with anything on the internet, and unlike the internet offerings, ours are backed by solid professionals here in your local area. If you need service, installation, or warranty work we can help quickly, and efficiently.

Take a look at some of the residential and commercial lifts below.
Outdoor Lift - Vertical Platform Lifts in Denver, CO
  • An example of an outdoor lift used here as a porch lift.
A Glass Enclosed Commercial Application - Vertical Platform Lifts in Denver, CO
  • An elegant, glass enclosed commercial application.
Portable Vertical Lift - Vertical Platform Lifts in Denver, CO
  • A portable vertical lift on casters.
Internal Pick Lift - Vertical Material Lifts in Denver, CO
  • An internal peek at a 2 stop

Stairway Lifts

H.E.S. Elevator Services offers for sale, and professionally installs, all variations of stair lifts for:
  • Indoor Straight Stairways
  • Indoor Curved Stairways
  • Outdoor Straight Stairways
  • Outdoor Curved Stairways

Click Here To Visit Our Complete Stairway Store Featuring All Models Of Stair Lifts.
A Woman Sitting in Stair Lift- Stair Lifts in Denver, CO

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