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Dumbwaiters in Denver, Colorado

Dumbwaiters have become the latest, "must have", accessory for modern homes, and in commercial applications such as restaurants they can be an essential tool. We can install dumbwaiters for you quickly, and efficiently. The dumbwaiters we offer feature:
  • A 5 year warranty
  • Elevation Innovation, Staying Home and Matot manufacturers
  • Rack and pinion drives
  • Will run 20 to 30 cycles in a power outage
  • Three standard size cabs with custom cabs available to fit your space
  • No cable, no cable winding drum & no slack cable stops
  • No need to run dedicated electrical circuits, resulting in lower cost
  • Stainless steel available for those extra tough locations
  • EMI interlocks are standard allowing us to use minimal space in a shaft way
  • Requires no separate machine room

We have many very flexible solutions, one of which can be made to suit your unique needs.
A White Commercial Dumbwaiter - Dumbwaiters in Denver,CO

For more information on our dumbwaiters, contact us today in Denver, Colorado at (303) 322-3271.